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abdullah-sall-0015I am running for City Council for the South District! I am running for transparency, diversity, inclusivity and dignity for all people. I look forward to building a strong campaign. I plan to do this by going door to door and listening to the issues affecting people in this district and uniting our challenges. Together we are powerful.

I am running for office because I am ready to begin changing injustice from within the system. Burlington needs to have people on the City Council who will work tirelessly for the dignity of all people, no matter their religion, race, or income. I see so many people not treated with basic dignity in this city. I also believe that there is a lack of transparency and public process currently in our city. My campaign is about being inclusive.


I am running as an Independent and as I walk door to door and talk with people they want to know what my platform is. I don’t have the structure of a party platform so I am writing this in the hopes that it will help people know how I will work for them if they elect me on March 7th.

If elected, I will work with the city and other city councilors to create plans and policies that support economic justice, social justice, environmental justice, and smart economic development. I will work to bring people together to do this. If policies and plans come up that go against these goals and they cannot be shifted I will use the power that I have been given as a representative of the people to stop them. I have listed some quick points below but really all of this is not up to one councilor. I want to make sure people know is that I will be transparent, honest, and sincere. I will always look at council business with a focus on how these plans will actually affect the most vulnerable people living in the city. I will not act for my own personal benefit or on behalf of the most privileged among us.

Economic Justice

  1. Raising the minimum wage to a livable wage
  2. Affordable rental housing
  3. Improving public transportation

Social Justice

  1. Fighting for the dignity of all people
  2. Encouraging a culture of respect/ promoting social cohesion
  3. Support implicit bias trainings in government sector /private sector
  4. Ensure the Homeless receive services and are not criminalize
  5. Removing incentives for over-policing

Environmental Justice

  1. Fighting for climate justice
  2. Banning the use of plastic bags/ all non-biodegradable materials in our community
  3. Improving our waste water system: water is life.
  4. Maintaining our natural treasure (lake)

Smart Economic Development

  1. Support green jobs creation
  2. Supporting the South end/district Arts Community and Economy